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At Tuition Studio we set every student a clear personalised learning goal through assessments and offer lessons which enable them to reach their goals

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Why Tuition Studio

Why Tuition Studio

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Welcome to Tuition Studio
At Tuition Studio, our tutors are all fully qualified teachers, with years of classroom experience in local schools of Leicestershire, Leicester, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Our tutors plan according to each individual student’s academic needs, closely following the curriculum guidelines for their age. Students are taught through a combination of independent tasks and group works. At Tuition Studio, we value every individual and we ensure everyone succeeds.

❝Tuition Studio aims to support every student to develop a positive attitude towards learning, including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance❞

Primary (year 1 – 6)
Our primary children are taught Maths and English by a qualified primary teacher with years of experience in local primary schools. Work is carefully planned to meet the needs of each individual child. Group work supports our students in working collaboratively with others, developing their speaking, listening and problem-solving skills.
Independent tasks encourage children to think independently and help them to build their self-confidence. We are very skilled at preparing our students for the year 2 and year 6 SATs and Y1 phonic screening tests.
Secondary (year 7 – A Level)
Our experienced Maths, English and Science teachers have up to date knowledge of the new curriculum and very skilled at preparing students for GCSE and A Level exams. Work is carefully planned to meet the needs of the individual student and ensure they succeed.