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At Tuition Studio we set every student a clear personalised learning goal through assessments and offer lessons which enable them to reach their goals

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English Tuition at Tuition Studio

Our English program at Tuition Studio is designed to generate advanced, enthusiastic and independent learners. When a child begins tutoring, our first priority is to assess their ability in English. Through discussions with parents/carers and the student, we can identify areas of strength and weakness. A “baseline” comprehension, spelling test and a short writing task will confirm these. From here, a scheme of work can be compiled so that the student can progress further.
With every age range, working in a small group ensures that the learning is personalised. Students feel supported in their learning and develop the confidence to ask for help in specific areas. They respond to tasks which challenge them – and often challenge each other, too.
Students in years five and six are working towards Key Stage Two SATs so improving literacy skills forms a part of each session of English program at Tuition Studio. We often incorporate literacy games and puzzles to engage students at the start of the session. Learning objectives are set and the remainder of the session has a focus – either reading or writing. Tasks are differentiated so that they are appropriate to each student’s ability. Some activities are completed independently whilst others suit pair work. Marking and/or feedback is given during the session so that students are clear about their next learning stage. Homework is set, often to consolidate the learning.
Students in Key Stage Three are beginning to prepare for the GCSE courses. In years seven and eight, as well as building skills and confidence in the areas of writing, reading and speaking/listening, it is important to incorporate tasks which prepare them for their final exams.  Our English program at Tuition Studio includes tasks so that students improve their spelling, widen their vocabulary and learn subject terminology.
With students in year nine and Key Stage Four, we use resources particular to their school’s exam board in order to help to prepare them for their GCSEs. More time is spent on practice papers and sample questions, in both Language and Literature GCSEs. Immediate advice and feedback is given, as well as advice about useful revision resources and websites.

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