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At Tuition Studio we set every student a clear personalised learning goal through assessments and offer lessons which enable them to reach their goals

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Maths Tuition at Tuition Studio

“Providing personalised Maths tuition relevant to your child’s needs.”
Maths is an essential skill that children need to build on. At Tuition Studio, we tailor our program of studies based on the ability and age of every child to support them in developing their skills to further their learning path. Conducting a free assessment at our center will enable us to determine the students’ starting points.
We match an engaging program of studies to the child’s learning ability. By means of differentiation and challenging problems, we encourage students to gain a comprehensive knowledge of mastery Maths. Our aim at Tuition Studio is to focus on building the mental model of your child and make them confident and independent to solve complex mathematical problems on their own and be competent independent learners.